The Story

At Your Maine Scrub, we strive to create the most luxurious sea salt spa scrubs available. A pharmacist assisted in developing the formula for the first exfoliation scrub, Citrus Sunrise.   Since that first scrub, several years ago, other new and exciting scents have been developed, such as our very popular Island Getaway scrub. We began with the essential oil scrubs and due to popular demand added our fun scents such as : Strawberries n' Cream, Mango Mojito, Apples and Cinnamon, Vanilla Snow and Captain's Cologne.

The difference between Your Maine Scrub products and any store-bought scrub is clear. Most recipes for sea salt scrubs leave your hands either greasy or dried out like leather.  Our Scrub Does Neither!  It continues to keep your hands soft and exfoliated for several hours with an uplifting aromatic scent. Our scrubs combine natural oils used in the health and beauty industry.  Using high quality ingredients and compounded in small batches, we believe our sea salt spa scrub is the best you will ever try!




Portland Headlight (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)