The Story

The idea for Your Maine Scrub began while on a family vacation. We were at a location that had a salt scrub tester. After trying out this particular salt scrub, we noticed our hands felt greasy with an oily residue and not soft and moisturized. We knew we could develop a much better product than the one we had just sampled. Upon our return home, we worked with a pharmacist and began testing different formulations until we developed the perfect product that exfoliated our skin and left our skin with a healthy glow. In our product we use the highest quality natural oils as well as pure essential oil blends. We began with essential oil scrubs, such as Lavender Tranquility, Mint Rejuvenation, Mainely Mimosa, and Katahdin Woods. We later added a few trendy scents due to popular demand such as: Island Getaway, Strawberries n' Cream, Mango Mojito, Apples and Cinnamon, Vanilla Snow and Captain's Cologne.




Portland Headlight (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)