About our Maine-BASed Co.


At Your Maine Scrub we take pride in our product. We only use oils from reputable sources for our sea salt scrubs. Each scent has its own formulation, and will remain fresh for months in the jar provided.  In addition, the product is compounded in micro-batches to ensure purity and quality, as well as making sure the product is as fresh as possible when purchased.

This quality of our product is what sets us apart from other sea-salt scrub companies. Each product formulation is one that naturally cleanses, moisturizes, and leaves skin feeling soft with a healthy glow. What our product doesn’t do is leave your skin greasy like other skin care products and scrubs that mostly feature a single cheap oil, mixed with a basic salt, scented by commercially-made imitation scents.  Most everyone has tried these inferior products and have longed for a product that is made The Way Scrubs Should Be. Our products feature several natural oils in precise amounts to enhance skin health, and all batches are tested for continuous quality improvement. Your Maine Scrub is a high-end spa quality scrub that is available at a reasonable cost, and is sure to be the best sea salt scrub that you have ever tried.